Quick Answer: Which Us State Has The Longest Width East To West?

Here are some facts about our 49th state.

  • Alaska has the longest coastline (some have claimed that for Maine.)
  • Alaska is the furtherest north, west, AND east.
  • Alaska has the biggest tides in the US.
  • Alaska has the most lakes in the U.S.
  • Bethel, Alaska has the most cabs per person.

Which state in the United States is the widest?

Alaska has the largest land area in the United States followed by Texas and California.

United States 3,796,742.23
Rank State Sq. Miles
1 Alaska 665,384.0
2 Texas 268,596.5
3 California 163,694.7

47 more rows

How wide is the US in miles?

Land Area: (all countries) Horizontal Width: 2,680 miles. Vertical Length: 1,582 miles. Geographic Center: In the continental 48 states, it is a point 2 miles to the northwest of Lebanon, Kansas; with Alaska and Hawaii included, that point is near Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Which state is the longest to drive through?

In the United States, each state maintains its own system of state highways. This is a list of the longest state highways in each state. As of 2007, the longest state highway in the nation is Montana Highway 200, which is 706.624 miles (1,137.201 km) long.

How wide is Hawaii in miles?

At its greatest dimension, the island is 93 miles (150 km) across. It has a land area of 4,028 square miles (10,430 km2) comprising 62% of the Hawaiian Islands’ land area.

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Which US state is widest east to west?


What state is the widest east to west?

From east to west Hawaii is the widest state in the United States. The Hawaiian Islands are the projecting tops of the biggest mountain range in the world. Honolulu’s zenith star, (the star that rises directly above it) is Arcturus. The Hawaiians called it Hokule’a.

How wide is America coast to coast?

USA Coast to Coast Walk. Frequently Asked Questions about walking from coast to coast in the States. – The route that we will take is 5057 miles. As the crow flies, the distance between our start and finish points is 2530 miles.

How wide is California from east to west?

The Geography of California

Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 114° 8′ W to 124° 24′ W Latitude: 32° 30′ N to 42° N California base and elevation maps
East to West North to South 560 miles: greatest distance East to West. 1,040 miles: greatest distance North to South.

10 more rows

What’s the longest distance from the East Coast to the West Coast?

Greatest distance between any two points in the contiguous 48 states: 2,901 miles (4,669 km), from North Farallon Island, California, to Sail Rock, east of West Quoddy Head, Maine.

What state has the most miles of river?


What is the most visited state in the US?

So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most popular states in the US, and 10 more that we may sometimes forget about.

  1. 1 California (Popular): The Golden State.
  2. 2 South Carolina (Forgotten): The Palmetto State.
  3. 3 Florida (Popular): The Sunshine State.
  4. 4 Delaware (Forgotten): The First State.

What state has the most shore line?

US States By Length Of Coastline

Rank US State Coastline Length
1 Alaska 33,904 mi (54,563 km)
2 Florida 8,436 mi (13,576 km)
3 Louisiana 7,721 mi (12,426 km)
4 Maine 3,478 mi (5,597 km)

26 more rows

What’s the biggest island of Hawaii?

Of these, only seven are inhabited.

  • Hawaii. Hawaii – also known as the Big Island – is not only the largest of the Hawaiian islands, it is also the largest island in the United States.
  • Maui. Maui is 727 square miles, making it the second largest island.
  • Oahu.
  • Kauai.
  • Molokai.
  • Lanai.
  • Niihau.
  • Kahoolawe.

How wide is Hawaii east to west?

A Wide Stance. From east to west, Hawaii is the widest U.S. state, measuring 1,500 miles from the island of Niihau to the island of Hawaii. At only 6,423 sq. mi. of land area, though, it still can’t mess with Texas: it would take approximately 40 Hawaiis to match the total size of the Lone Star State.

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Why is the big island of Hawaii the largest?

Hawaii’s Big Island, like the name implies, is the state’s biggest island. And it is actually still growing, to date, because of its active volcanoes. The volcanic island has, so far, a land area of 4,028 square miles, which makes it larger than when all the state’s other islands are combined.

Is Florida bigger than New York?

And now this: Florida is bigger than New York. Census figures released Tuesday show Florida passed New York as the nation’s third largest state with an estimated population of 19.9 million. New York, now fourth, has 19.7 million. “There are a lot of benchmarks, but this is the biggest one.

Is Montana bigger than California?

By area, Alaska is so large that it is larger than the next three states combined—Texas, California, and Montana—and is more than twice the size of second-ranked Texas. According to the State of Alaska’s official website, it’s one-fifth the size of the lower 48 states.

Is Florida bigger than Georgia?

On your website (Facts about North Georgia and the entire state), it states that Georgia is the “Largest state east of the Mississippi”. Not true. Michigan is far, far larger at 96,810 square miles. Florida and Wisconsin are also larger.

What state is closest to Hawaii?

Hawaii is closest to WHICH state? – Google My Maps. Hawaii is closer to Alaska than it is to California. Hawaii is closer to Alaska than it is to California.

Is Hawaii the only coffee growing state?

One of only two states in the United States of America able to grow coffee plants commercially is Hawaii, the other being California. However, it is not the only coffee grown on U.S. soil; for example, Puerto Rico has had a coffee industry for some time, although it is not a state but a U.S. territory.

Are there any islands between California and Hawaii?

There are a number of coastal islands within 50 miles of the coast of California, but after that, nothing. Hawaii is separated from California by what is known as the Eastern Pacific Barrier, which is a 4,000 mile expanse of deep ocean with nothing remotely shallow, and no islands.

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What state is closest to California?

California is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south (with the coast being on the west).

Did us buy California from Mexico?

Mexico ceded nearly all the territory now included in the U.S. states of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, and western Colorado for $15 million and U.S. assumption of its citizens’ claims against Mexico. Read more about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

How long does it take to drive from West Coast to East Coast?

Taking you from an East Coast landmark to a West Coast icon, the Washington, D.C., to San Francisco route cuts through America’s heartland with unforgettable stops along the way. At slightly over 2,800 miles, you could break down this 40-hour trip into five eight-hour driving days with four overnight stops.

How many miles is Italy from east to west?

Separated from Italy by a strait just 3.1km wide (1.9 miles) at its narrowest point, and only 140km (87 miles) from the African shore, Sicily dominates the sea-lanes of the Mediterranean from east to west and north to south.

How long does it take to fly across the US?

It’s physically possible for a commercial jet to get from one side of the US to the other in less than five hours: British Airways’ Concorde made it in three hours and 55 minutes on its retirement journey from New York to Seattle’s Museum of Flight (and if you’re really in a hurry, military jets have made the journey

Can you drive from South America to North America?

The Darien Gap, a roadless region of swamps and rainforests that stretches 90 miles to the tip of Colombia, makes it impossible to drive the entire distance to South America. So we shipped the car from Panama to Colombia and flew there to pick it up, then drove south, through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to Argentina.

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