Question: Who Is Hit The Biggest Six In History Of Cricket?

Who is hit the longest six in history of cricket?

Shahid Afridi holds the record for longest six in International cricket lasting as long as 158 meters against South Africa, 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013.

There’s nothing quite as spectacular as watching someone hit a six in cricket.

Who hit biggest six in IPL?

The Biggest Six Of Each IPL Season

  • #1 IPL 2008: Albie Morkel (CSK) against Pragyan Ojha (DC) – 125 Meters.
  • #2 IPL 2009: Yuvraj Singh(KXIP) against Albie Morkel (CSK) – 119 Meters.
  • #3 IPL 2010: Robin Uthappa(RCB) against Dwayne Bravo (MI) – 120 Meters.
  • #4 IPL 2011: Adam Gilchrist(KXIP) against Charles Langeveldt (RCB) – 122 Meters.

Who is longest six in the world?

Shahid Afridi is the man who holds the world record (at least the one registered) for longest mightiest six in International cricket lasting as long as 158 meters against South Africa. He created this record vs South Africa during Pakistan tour of South Africa 2012/13 in Johannesburg on March 17, 2013.

Who has hit the longest six in IPL history 2019?

MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI has hit the longest six of IPL 2019 covering 111 metres.

Who hit the first 6 in cricket?

Garfield Sobers

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Who has hit the most sixes in international cricket?

Chris Gayle surpassed Shahid Afridi to record most number of sixes by any batsman in international cricket. The veteran Windies batsman achieved this feat while playing against England in the first One-Day International (ODI) at the Kensington Oval on Wednesday.

Who hit the most sixes in t20?

Sixers play a major role in making big scores in this format and here we will look at the top 5 batsmen with most sixes in T20Is.

  1. #1 Chris Gayle ( West Indies) Chris Gayle is the biggest name in T20 cricket.
  2. #2 Martin Guptill (New Zealand)
  3. #3 Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)
  4. #4 Rohit Sharma (India)

Who hit longest six in IPL 2018?

Longest six in ipl 2018 Cricket History. Top 10 biggest six Biggest sixes Cricket IPL 2018: RCB hitman AB de Villiers smashes longest six of the season in 23-ball half-century. Royal Challenger Bangalore batsman AB de Villiers smashed 90 runs off 39 balls, helping his team to 6 wicket victory over Delhi Daredevils.

Who hit most sixes in IPL?

Players with most sixes in IPL history

  • Chris Gayle (Matches – 112 and 6s – 292)
  • AB de Villiers (Matches – 141 & 6s – 186) and MS Dhoni (Matches – 175 & 6s – 186)
  • Suresh Raina (Matches – 176 and 6s – 185)
  • Rohit Sharma (Matches – 173 and 6s – 184)
  • Virat Kohli (Matches – 163 and 6s – 178)

Which player has highest six in ODI cricket?

Here, below is list of top 10 Batsmen with most sixes in ODI cricket.

  1. Shahid Afridi – 351 Sixes.
  2. CH Gayle – 314 Sixes.
  3. ST Jayasuriya – 270 Sixes.
  4. MS Dhoni – 224 Sixes.
  5. RG Sharma – 218 Sixes.
  6. AB de Villiers – 204 Sixes.
  7. BB McCullum – 200 Sixes.
  8. SR Tendulkar – 195 Sixes.

Who hit longest six in India?

On that note, let’s take a look at the 10 longest sixes ever in cricket.

  • #10 Albert Trott, Lord’s 1899 – 120 meters.
  • #9 Shahid Afridi, Johannesburg 2013 – 120 meters.
  • #8 Mark Waugh, WACA 1997 – 120 meters.
  • #7 Victor Trumper, Redfern Oval 1903 – 120 to 125 meters.
  • #6 Adam Gilchrist, 2011 IPL – 122 meters.

Which is the longest six in IPL history?

Nicknamed as the walking assassin, Robin Uthappa smashed one of the longest sixes in IPL history when he lashed out a 120m six off a length delivery from CSK’s Dwayne Bravo. Robin hits a 120m long six while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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Who is the first player to hit six sixes in an over?

Herschelle Gibbs

Who is the first batsman to hit 6 sixes in an over?

Ravi Shastri did that in 1985 in a Ranji match against Baroda’s Tilak Raj. Another 22 years later, South Africa’s opening batsman Herschelle Gibbs became the first batsman to hit six sixes in an over in an ODI match and in the same year, Yuvraj Singh did it in a T20 international.

Who has scored 6 sixes in an over?

The batsmen to have hit six sixes in an over

  1. Sir Garfield Sobers. Rest of the World’s Gary Sobers (l) batting.
  2. Ravi Shastri. On January 19, 1985, Ravi Shastri became the second ever cricketer to hit six sixes in an over.
  3. Herschelle Gibbs. For Herschelle Gibbs, hitting six sixes in an over seemed to be written in the stars.
  4. Yuvraj Singh.
  5. Jordan Clark.

Who hit most sixes in ODI in one inning?

AB De Villiers hit 16 sixes against West Indies in Johannesburg when he scored 149 runs. Chris Gayle hit 16 sixes against Zimbabwe in 2015 World Cup match when he scored his career-best score of 215. Wasim Akram’s 12 sixes in his test innings of 257* against Zimbabwe is the most sixes in a test innings by any player.

Which Indian player hit most sixes in ODI?

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is third on the list with 195 sixes from 463 ODIs ahead of former skipper Sourav Ganguly, who hit 189 sixes in 308 one-day matches for India . The 2011 World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh takes the fifth place with 153 sixes from 301 matches followed by Virender Sehwag’s 131 sixes in 241 ODIs.

Which player made highest runs in IPL?

Most Runs in IPL

1 Virat Kohli 5412
2 Suresh Raina 5291
3 Rohit Sharma 4824
4 David Warner 4706
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6 more rows

Who is the fastest 50 in IPL?

The record for fastest half-century is held by Mumbai Indians’ Hardik Pandya, who reached the feat in just 17 balls overtaking Delhi Capitals wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant (18 balls).

Who is the king of cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

Which team has the lowest ever recorded score in IPL?

Lowest Team Totals in IPL History

No Team Score
1 Royal Challengers Bangalore 49
2 Rajasthan Royals 58
3 Delhi Daredevils 66
4 Delhi Daredevils 67

6 more rows

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