You asked: What is the cost of the longest bridge in China?

China is running into problems with the world’s longest sea bridge, which cost $20 billion and is 20 times as long as the Golden Gate Bridge. China unveiled the world’s longest sea bridge at an October ceremony in Hong Kong.

How long is the longest bridge in China?

Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge

Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge 港珠澳大橋 港珠澳大桥 Ponte Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau
Total length 55 kilometres (34 mi)
No. of spans 3
No. of lanes 3 lanes per direction
Design life 120 years

What is the longest sea bridge in the world?

World’s longest sea crossing: Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge opens. Chinese President Xi Jinping has officially opened the world’s longest sea crossing bridge, nine years after construction first began.

Which country has the world longest bridge?

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

It has held the record for the world’s longest bridge ever since. The structure is a remarkable 102 miles long. It runs between Shanghai and Nanjing in the Jiangsu province, carrying the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway across the Yangtze River delta, from Danyang to Kunshan.

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Where is the longest bridge in China?

Longest spans

Name Location
1 Xihoumen Bridge Jintang Island – Cezi Island 30°3′42.4″N 121°54′57.6″E
2 Runyang Bridge Yangzhou – Zhenjiang 32°12′27″N 119°21′47.6″E
3 Fourth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge Nankin 32°10′39.9″N 118°56′24.5″E
4 Jiangyin Bridge Jiangyin – Jingjiang 31°56′43.1″N 120°16′10″E

What is the largest bridge in the US?

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, or the Causeway, is considered to be the longest bridge in the United States and the longest bridge in the world over water (continuous). It consists of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, United States. The longer of the two bridges is 38.35 km long.

What are the top 5 longest bridges in the world?

Now, let’s look at the longest bridges in the world and what makes each unique!

  • Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge (China)
  • Bang Na Expressway (Thailand)
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (USA)
  • Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (China)
  • Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (Japan)
  • Bonus: George Washington Bridge (USA)

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What is the most expensive bridge in the world?

The five-lane San Francisco–Oakland Bay toll bridge opened in 1963, but was left crippled by the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. In 2002, restoration and replacement work began on the bridge at an estimated cost of $6.3 billion (£3.8 billion).

What is the shortest bridge in the world?

Zavikon Island is home to a bridge that, at only 32 feet in length, is considered the shortest international bridge in the world. It connects a Canadian island with an American island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River.

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What type of bridge is considered the strongest?

A truss bridge is the strongest kind of bridge.

It combines materials in a simple and efficient way that reduces and spreads out loads over a large area.

Which is largest bridge in India?

This 19-km long four-lane bridge to be built at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore once completed will be double the length of the current longest bridge in the country—the 9.15 km long Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, also referred to as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu, over Brahmaputra river.

Where is the world longest bridge over water?

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (38.4km)

It links Mandeville with Metairie in Louisiana. It now holds the Guinness World Record for the “Longest bridge over water (continuous)”, having previously held the title for the world’s longest bridge over open water.

What is the longest and highest bridge in the world?


Rank Name Longest span
1 Millau Viaduct 342 metres (1,122 ft)
2 Pingtang Bridge 2×550 metres (1,800 ft)
3 Hutong Yangtze River Bridge 1,092 metres (3,583 ft)
4 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 1,408 metres (4,619 ft)

Can you drive from Hong Kong to China?

It is possible to drive yourself from Hong Kong to mainland China, although driving is not recommended as it comes with a few challenges including switching between sides of the road to drive on (China and Hong Kong drivers use opposite sides of the road) and trying to read the nearly-useless road signs.

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