Your question: What are the 3 biggest cities in Japan?

Name Population
1 Tokyo , Tokyo 8,336,599
2 Yokohama , Kanagawa 3,574,443
3 Osaka , Ōsaka 2,592,413
4 Nagoya, Aichi 2,191,279

What are the 5 largest cities in Japan?

Major Urban Area of Japan

  1. Tokyo – 8,956,000. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is by far the most populated city in the country. …
  2. Yokohama – 3,690,000. Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan. …
  3. Osaka – 2,670,000. …
  4. Nagoya – 2,266,000. …
  5. Sapporo – 1,906,000. …
  6. Kobe – 1,544,000. …
  7. Fukuoka – 1,482,000. …
  8. Kyoto – 1,470,000.

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What are the 3 most populated cities in Japan?

Rank City Population
1 Tokyo 8,956,000
2 Yokohama 3,690,000
3 Osaka 2,670,000
4 Nagoya 2,266,000

What are the 10 largest cities in Japan?

Your Guide to the 10 Biggest Cities of Japan

  • Tokyo.
  • Yokohama.
  • Osaka.
  • Nagoya.
  • Sapporo.
  • Kobe.
  • Kyoto.
  • Fukuoka.

What is Japan’s 2nd biggest city?

Take Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city, and often ranked among the world’s most liveable.

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How many cities are in Japan in total?

Japan has a total of 684 populated areas that are named as cities cities, while it also has 20 designated cities, 42 core cities and 40 special cities.

What is the main city in Japan?


What is the least populated city in Japan?

Utashinai (歌志内市, Utashinai-shi) is a city located in Sorachi Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. It is Japan’s smallest city by population.

Why are Japanese cities so big?

Japan is a LARGE exporter of many consumer goods (especially technology) – so these “cities” are a result of that which fuels economic development which leads to immense population. After a while you have a bunch of people living on an island, you’re forced to go vertical.

How many cities are there in Tokyo?

Tokyo Metropolis is a metropolitan prefecture comprising administrative entities of special wards and municipalities. The “central” area is divided into 23 special wards (ku in Japanese), and the Tama area is made up of 26 cities (shi), 3 towns (machi), and 1 village (mura).

Is Kyoto the largest city in Japan?

14 largest Japanese cities:

Kawasaki 1.5 million
Kyoto 1.5 million
Saitama 1.3 million
Hiroshima 1.2 million
Sendai 1.1 million

What is the most populated city in Tokyo?


Rank (2015) Name 2015
1 Tokyo 9,272,740
2 Hachiōji 577,513
3 Machida 432,348
4 Fuchū 260,274

Is Tokyo the most populated city in Japan?

According to the 2019 update of Demographia World Urban Areas, Tokyo is the largest “Megacity” in the world! … The total population of Japan is about 127 million people, so that’s a whopping 30% – and makes Tokyo the most populous urban area in the world.

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What are cities in Japan called?

  • Sapporo.
  • Tokyo.
  • Yokohama.
  • Nagoya.
  • Kyoto.
  • Nara.
  • Osaka. Laboo Studio /
  • Kobe.

What city has the most Japanese population?

Large cities

Rank City Japanese-Americans
1 Honolulu 86,612
2 Sacramento 6,642
3 Seattle 8,979
4 San Francisco 11,410

Is Kyoto bigger than Tokyo?

The population of central Tokyo is about 9 million people, while the population of Kyoto is 1.47 million. Tokyo is a huge sprawling city that really feels like several cities connected by a good transport system.

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