Your question: What is the longest river of Europe?

Which is the longest river of Europe?

Professor of Geography, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Volga River, Russian Volga, ancient (Greek) Ra or (Tatar) Itil or Etil, river of Europe, the continent’s longest, and the principal waterway of western Russia and the historic cradle of the Russian state.

Is the Danube the longest river in Europe?

The longest river in the European Union, the Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe after Russia’s Volga. It begins in the Black Forest region of Germany and runs through 10 countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine) on its way to the Black Sea.

What is the longest river in Europe not including Russia?

Among these rivers, the Volga River is considered as the longest European River, flowing for a distance of 2,294 miles.

Which is the longest in Europe?

Stretching nearly 3,700 kilometers, the Volga is the longest river in Europe. The longest river in Germany is the Rhine, which flows for 537 miles within the country. At 1,780 miles long, the Danube is Europes longest river. The Danube, which passes through four of Europe’s capital cities, is the second longest.

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What is the deadliest river?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

  • Congo River. Location: Africa. …
  • Nile River. Location: Africa. …
  • Amazon River. Location: South America. …
  • Mississippi River. Location: North America. …
  • Mekong River. Location: Asia. …
  • Yangtze River. Location: Asia. …
  • Orinoco River. Location: South America. …
  • Zambezi River. Location: Africa. Dangerous aspect: Fast flow and dangerous rapids.

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Which is the busiest river in the world?

The Yangtze River has become the world’s busiest navigable river, according to China Youth Daily.

Which country has no river?

The smallest country without a river is Vatican City with a land area of 0.171 sq miles (0.445 sq km). It has no lakes, rivers or mountains and depends on Italy for its water supply.

Which is the second largest river of Europe?

Danube River, German Donau, Slovak Dunaj, Hungarian Duna, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian Dunav, Romanian Dunărea, Ukrainian Dunay, river, the second longest in Europe after the Volga. It rises in the Black Forest mountains of western Germany and flows for some 1,770 miles (2,850 km) to its mouth on the Black Sea.

What river flows through the most countries?

The Danube was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire and today is the river running through the largest number of countries in the world (10; the Nile is second with 9).

Which is the smallest country in this world?

Based on landmass, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, measuring just 0.2 square miles, almost 120 times smaller than the island of Manhattan. Situated on the western bank of the Tiber River, Vatican City’s 2-mile border is landlocked by Italy.

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What is the shortest river in Europe?

Aril river

It flows near its north-eastern shore, in the province of Verona and is also called Ri by locals. It comes from a resourgence at the foot of Monte Baldo, and then flows directly into the lake basin. This route has a total length of 175 meters, making it in fact the shortest river in Europe.

What is the smallest country in Europe?

Top ten tiniest countries in Europe

  1. Vatican City (0.44 km2) …
  2. Monaco (1.95 km2) …
  3. San Marino (61 km2) …
  4. Liechtenstein (160 km2) …
  5. Malta (316 km2) …
  6. Andorra (468 km2) …
  7. Luxembourg (2,586 km2) …
  8. Cyprus (9,251 km2)

What country has the oldest living population?

The Top 50 Countries With the Largest Percentage of Older Adults

Rank Country # total population (in millions)
1 Japan 126.18
2 Italy 60.34
3 Finland 5.52
4 Portugal 10.27

Which country lives the longest 2020?

Countries ranked by life expectancy

# Country Life Expectancy (both sexes)
1 Hong Kong 85.29
2 Japan 85.03
3 Macao 84.68
4 Switzerland 84.25

What separates Asia from Europe?

In the east, the Ural Mountains separate Europe from Asia. The nations of Russia and Kazakhstan straddle both continents.

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