Your question: Which is the most powerful secret agency?

Who is No 1 intelligence agency in the world?

One of the top intelligence agencies in the world is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is the foreign intelligence agency of the US.

Is CIA higher than FBI?

Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is a domestic security service, the CIA has no law enforcement function and is officially mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection.

Central Intelligence Agency.

Agency overview
Annual budget $15 billion (as of 2013)

What is the highest intelligence agency?

According to some experts, the ISI is the largest intelligence agency in the world in terms of total staff.

What is the most secretive US agency?

The Central Intelligence Agency spies on foreign governments and organizes covert ops. The CIA is the most well-known U.S. spying agency, formed with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. The agency has its roots with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) that operated during World War II.

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Which country has best intelligence?

The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies (Updated 2021)

  • 1: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) – Pakistan.
  • 2: U.S. Intelligence Agencies.
  • 3: Mossad – Israel.
  • 4: Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – UK.
  • 5: Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – Germany.
  • 6: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) – France.
  • 7: Main Directorate (GRU / G.U.) – Russia.

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Are there private spy agencies?


  • AggregateIQ (Canada based)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (US based)
  • Fusion GPS (US based)
  • Kroll Inc. ( US based)
  • Pinkerton National Detective Agency (US based)
  • Smith Brandon International, Inc. ( US based)
  • Stratfor (US based)

Does the FBI outrank police?

No. The FBI stand for federal Bureau Of Investiagtion. ( I actually work for the fbi) what we do is investigate major crimes, serial killers, child abductors, and terrorist. We don’t outrank local police, but most of the time, we can do things without permission from our bosses, whereas most cops can’t.

Is SWAT higher than FBI?

If you think 1 team, FBI has more. If you mean whole US , SWAT is answer. Now if you mean SWAT that are not in US, it depends on country. Our country Slovenia has around 100 members since such crimes that need SWAT are rare, so to form SWAT team isn’t problem.

Can CIA agents tell their family?

In order to protect sources and methods, and in the interest of maintaining national security, most CIA employees can’t discuss their work, even with family.

Can the NSA see me?

Government security agencies like the NSA can also have access to your devices through in-built backdoors. This means that these security agencies can tune in to your phone calls, read your messages, capture pictures of you, stream videos of you, read your emails, steal your files … at any moment they please.

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Do CIA officers carry guns?

The vast majority of CIA officers do not carry weapons. Aside from officers in the Security Protective Service, or those serving in war zones, most CIA officers will never be issued a gun.

What are the 16 intelligence agencies?

Intelligence Community Member Agencies

  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
  • Central Intelligence Agency.
  • National Security Agency/Central Security Service.
  • Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
  • National Reconnaissance Office.
  • Department of State.
  • Department of Defense.

What agency is higher than the CIA?

Unlike the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), both of which specialize primarily in foreign human espionage, the NSA does not publicly conduct human-source intelligence gathering.

National Security Agency.

NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland
Agency overview
Formed November 4, 1952
Preceding agency Armed Forces Security Agency

What is the hardest federal agency to get into?

The most difficult agency to get in is by far the Secret Service it has a rather grueling selection process and a lot of training (since some agents go on to protect the leader of the free world).

What are the 18 US spy agencies?

  • Air Force Intelligence.
  • Army Intelligence.
  • Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Coast Guard Intelligence.
  • Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • Department of Energy.
  • Department of Homeland Security.
  • Department of State.
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