Question: What Are The Top 10 Kpop Girl Groups?

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Red Velvet

Girls’ Generation




Girl’s Day


While Twice is still the most popular K-pop girl group in 2018, Blackpink, Red Velvet, and EXID are all in the top 10.

What are the KPOP girl groups?

Disbanded groups, like Wonder Girls, 2NE1, 4Minute, and Sistar, and subunits, like Orange Caramel, TaeTiSeo, and AOA Cream, are also included. Vote up the best K-pop girl groups you find the most talented. Feel free to any underrated female groups missing from this list.

Who is the best girl group?

From TLC to the Pointer Sisters, check out the top girl groups ever, based on the Billboard charts.

  • The Supremes.
  • TLC.
  • Destiny’s Child.
  • The Pointer Sisters.
  • The Bangles.
  • The Shirelles.
  • Wilson Phillips.
  • Exposé

Who is the most beautiful KPOP girl?

The Most Beautiful and Talented Kpop Female Idols

  1. Park performing with 2NE1 in 2012. | Source.
  2. Suzy (Miss A) | Source.
  3. Dara (2NE1) | Source.
  4. Jiyeon (T-ara) | Source.
  5. Hyuna (4minute) | Source.
  6. Im Yoona (Girls Generation) | Source.
  7. Krystal Jung | Source.
  8. Victoria Song | Source.
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Blackpink is the Most Popular kpop group, as their the highest-charting female K-Pop band formed by YG Entertainment.

  • Big Bang.
  • Got7.
  • Shinee.
  • Seventeen.
  • ASTRO.
  • Monsta X.
  • Infinite. Infinite (인피니트) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment.
  • NCT. NCT (엔시티) is the newest and the latest boy group concept.

Who is the most successful KPOP girl group?

Undeniably the best Kpop girl group, and the most popular in our era, is Girls’ Generation (소녀시대), also called SNSD. The group is originally composed of nine members: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun, and Jessica (who left the group in 2014).

What is the best k pop girl group?

The 10 best-selling K-pop girl groups of all time in Korea &

  1. KARA – 3,842,238+
  2. S.E.S. – 3,579,859+
  3. Fin.K.L – 2,158,698+
  4. T-ARA – 1,149,905+
  5. Apink – 1,031,247+
  6. Red Velvet – 964,577+
  7. Baby Vox – 899,065+
  8. 2NE1 – 770,260+

The current BTS members are Jimin, Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. Scroll down and see who the most popular member is! Vote for the guy you think is the best BTS member.

Who is the most famous girl singer?

Singers The Best Current Female Singers

  • 19,733 14,780. Adele 21, 1988, 19.
  • 14,172 11,050. WarrenMitchell added Beyoncé Knowles Beyonce, 4, I AmSasha Fierce.
  • 14,404 9,431. mosquito234 added Ariana Grande My Everything, Yours Truly, Christmas Kisses EP.
  • 12,613 9,920.
  • 12,034 9,684.
  • 11,214 9,869.
  • 12,413 10,086.
  • 8,726 7,867.

Which girl group has sold most records?

The New York based trio went on to sell 15 million records.

  1. Spice Girls. Spice Girls holds the top-selling spot in girl group music history.
  2. Destiny’s Child. Before Beyonce was a Megastar, she was the undeniable stand out in Destiny’s Child.
  3. TLC.
  4. Bananarama.
  5. Speed.
  6. The Supremes.
  7. En Vogue.
  8. Morning Musume.
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Vote up the top Kpop groups of 2019, and add your favorites if they deserve to be on this list.

  • 2,632 1,146. Bangtan Boys (BTS) Big Hit Entertainment.
  • 1,914 1,130. BLACKPINK YG Entertainment.
  • 1,318 839. TXT Big Hit Entertainment.
  • 1,156 731. Twice JYP Entertainment.
  • 1,025 642.
  • 1,193 760.
  • 998 626.
  • 774 514.

What KPOP girl group has the most members?

Apeace (in Japanese, エーピース; in Korean, 에이피스), formerly known as Double B 21 (더블비21) or Double B, is a boyband from South Korea. The group was the largest K-pop boy band, with 27 members, until 30 June 2014, when it changed to 15 members.

Which Kpop group has most fans?

  1. BTS. Members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook.
  2. EXO. Members: Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun.
  3. Wanna One.
  4. BTOB.
  5. JBJ.
  7. Super Junior.
  8. Highlight.

How many kpop groups are there in Korea?

Most groups are formed by the big three labels S.M. Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, but new K-pop artists are emerging everyday. The boy bands and artists below have played their music all over the world, but they all were formed in Korea.

Boy Bands The Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups Of 2018

  • 3,546 1,282. Bangtan Boys (BTS) Big Hit Entertainment.
  • 2,285 1,143. Got7 JYP Entertainment.
  • 2,148 1,070. jageisler added EXO SM Entertainment.
  • 1,325 623. ffdyow added SEVENTEEN Pledis Entertainment.
  • 1,583 776. syedarahman added NCT SM Entertainment.
  • 1,852 934.
  • 1,655 824.
  • 1,263 748.

Blackpink (Hangul: 블랙핑크; stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK) is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop EDM hip hop J-pop
Years active 2016–present
Labels YG Avex Interscope
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6 more rows

Who is the richest KPOP Idol?

These Are The Richest Idols in K-Pop Right Now

  1. CHOI SIWON – US$ 35,000,000++ There are Korean heartthrobs, then there are Korean heartthrobs.
  2. G-DRAGON – US$ 21,000,000. This guy needs no introduction.
  3. RAIN – US$ 20,000,000. Singer.
  4. SANDARA PARK – US$ 16,000,000.
  5. IU – US$ 15,000,000.
  6. BoA – US$ 14,000,000.
  7. YOONA – US$ 11,000,000.
  8. SUZY – US$ 10,000,000++

Who is the cutest BTS member?

Who Is The Cutest BTS Member?

  • Suga. 22.1%
  • Jungkook. 19.8%
  • V. 20.9%
  • Jimin. 24.4%
  • J-Hope. 12.8%

Which BTS member is most biased?

Who Is Most Biased In BTS?

  1. Taehyung. 45.2%
  2. Jungkook. 32.3%
  3. Jimin. 9.7%
  4. Suga. 8.1%
  5. Other three. 4.7%

The most popular member of BTS IN KOREA is Jungkook.

How long does a Kpop group last?

In short, it really does depend on few factors, but typically, they last 5 to 7 years. Super Junior is also a group that has been around for more than a decade.

Who is the best KPOP girl group?

Here’s a list of K-pop girl groups that are expected to sizzle and make 2019 magnanimous with their stage performance and musical ideologies.

  • Blackpink.
  • Twice.
  • Girls Generation.
  • Cherry Bullet.
  • EXID.
  • Red Velvet.
  • High School.
  • Girl’s Day.

How much kpop groups are there?

According to Wikipedia’s article “K-Pop Music Groups”, there are about 295. However, there are certainly ones that have broken up and many more that do not have a Wikipedia article on them. There’s a “complete list” at Kpop College, and apparently there are a lot. I’m gonna guess that there’s between 150 and 200.

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