Quick Answer: What Is The Biggest Muskie?

58 inches

Which is bigger muskie or pike?

However, Muskie do grow to be much bigger than Pike. The average Pike is less than two feet, while Muskie regularly hit twice that size.

How big do Muskie get?

Muskellunge are typically 28–48 in (71–122 cm) long and weigh 15–36 lb (6.8–16.3 kg), though some have reached up to 6 ft (1.8 m) and almost 70 lb (32 kg). According to past references the muskellunge attains 8 feet (244 cm) in length; this, however, has never been confirmed and is based most likely on exaggerations.

How old is a 40 inch muskie?

On average, musky are about 11 inches long after their first year of life, reach 34” in year 7, reach 40” in year 9, and reach 50 inches by age 17.

What is the largest muskie caught in Wisconsin?

The current world IGFA all tackle muskie world record is 67.5 pounds set by another Wisconsin angler in 1949. While the reported dimensions would put Grover’s fish at an estimated 72 pounds, he cannot submit the catch for consideration because it was never weighed on a certified scale.

What’s the biggest muskie ever caught?

The world record was taken from Lake Court Oreilles in Hayward, Wisconsin, on July 24, 1949 by Cal Johnson. The Ontario record Muskie weighed 65 pounds and measured 58 inches in length with 30.5 inches in girth.

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What’s the difference between a pike and a muskie?

The muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), typically called a muskie, and the northern pike (Esox lucius) are both members of the Esocidae family of fish. The pike and the muskie share habitat and have a similar appearance, which can make it difficult to tell the two fish apart.

How long can a muskie get?

between 40-60- inches and live 8-10 years under good conditions. most state records are less than 40 lbs.

How much does a 54 inch muskie weigh?

MuskieLength To Weight Conversion Chart

50 in 39.54 pounds
51 in 42.23 pounds
52 in 45.05 pounds
53 in 48.00 pounds
54 in 51.08 pounds

24 more rows

What was the biggest bass ever caught?

The current world record for the biggest largemouth bass was set by Manabu Kurita with a 22-pound, 5-ounce, 29-inch monster caught on Lake Biwa in Japan. The previous record had been standing since 1932 when George Perry caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth from Montgomery Lake in Georgia.

What is the average size of a Muskie?

17 kg


Can you eat a muskie fish?

The Muskie fish has an excellent taste that is worth any value placed on a meal. The trolling method helps you catch the Muskie fish although it destroys the ecosystem at the bottom of the water bodies. And yes, you can cook and eat muskie fish.

What is the largest pike ever caught?

Esox Lucius – World’s BIGGEST Pikes. World record weight: 55 lb. 1 oz. (25 kg.) Avid angler Peter Dubuc caught the current North American Record back in 1940 while pike fishing in New York’s Sacandaga Lake.

What is the largest muskie caught in Canada?

Ontario Record Muskie: The Ontario record Muskie weighed 65 pounds and measured 58 inches in length with 30.5 inches in girth. Toronto’s Ken O’Brien caught the great fish on October 16, 1988, in Georgian Bay’s Blackstone Harbour, Moon River Basin. The story goes that it was Ken’s first time Muskie fishing.

Who caught the world record muskie?

The IGFA all-tackle world record muskie was caught by Cal Johnson on July 24, 1949 at Lake Court Oreilles near Hayward, Wis. The fish weighed 67 pounds, 8 ounces.

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What is the biggest fish in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Fishing Records

Species Name Weight Location
Lake Sturgeon 170lbs 10oz Yellow Lake
Lake Trout 35lbs 4oz Green Lake (Big Lake)
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 3oz Ripley Lake
Muskellunge (Muskie) 69lbs 11oz Chippewa Flowage

27 more rows

Can Tiger muskies reproduce?

Reproduction. Cross-breeding of the true muskellunge and the northern pike occurs naturally in the wild where both parent species occur. The tiger muskie is sterile, which is not unusual for a hybrid fish.

How old do carp live?

Common carp: 20 years

Mirror carp: 20 years

How big can a tiger muskie get?

The record tiger muskie–a cross between a muskie and a northern pike–officially weighed 44.26 pounds and measured 52.5 inches in length, with a girth of 25 inches. The fish is believed to have been stocked in the lake in 1999 (the fish is approximately 13 and a half years old).

How fast do pike grow?

Notes: Male Northern Pike mature around 4-5 years, on average grow to approximately 28”/71cm, and have a life expectancy of 15-25 years. -Female Northern Pike mature around 5-6 years, grow considerably faster than males, and live considerably longer.

Are Pike good to eat?

If you’ve ever eaten northern pike and immediately thought it didn’t taste very good, you are not alone. However, many would rather eat the aluminum foil the pike was cooked on than the fish itself. Well, with that in mind, one chef in Canada is about to change all that.

How long does a pike live?

7 years

In the wild

How much does a 28 inch northern weight?

Pike Length To Weight Conversion Chart

28 in 5.44 lb
29 in 6.06 lb
30 in 6.73 lb
31 in 7.45 lb
32 in 8.22 lb

28 more rows

How much does a 29 inch walleye weigh?

Walleye Length To Weight Conversion Chart

26 in 7.20 lb
27 in 8.12 lb
28 in 9.12 lb
29 in 10.20 lb
30 in 11.36 lb

19 more rows

What is the lifespan of a Muskie?

The average lifespan of the muskie is 15 years and whereas the average size is 30 inches, the muskie can reach 6 feet and weigh as much as 100 lbs. They are a fast growing fish and can reach a length of 12 inches in only 4 months.

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What fish do Muskie eat?

“Muskie actually ate more muskie than walleye. We found six muskies inside of muskies.” Burri said the Wisconsin diet study indicated that 98 percent of a muskie’s diet, by volume, was comprised of fish. The other two percent, he said, included crayfish, insects, mudpuppies, tadpoles and one mouse.

Are muskies hard to catch?

Muskies are known as “the fish of ten thousand casts.” Catching a 30″ muskie isn’t too difficult. Its more difficult, however, than catching a similar pike, and more difficult than an average sized bass or walleye. If you want to catch a 30″ muskie casting.

How many types of muskie are there?

There is only one species of Muskie. There is a hybrid called a Tiger Muskie, which is a cross between a Muskie and a Northern Pike, but it’s not a true species because it did not evolve.

Do muskies bite at night?

Muskies That Go Bite In The Night. Muskie fishermen by tradition pursue their pastime during the day. Most people have more free time during night than day, and time on the water is what puts muskies in the boat.

Are Pike tasty?

Contrary to popular belief, northern pike are actually a deliciously tasty fish if done right. Secondly, cleaning a pike can be considered an art! They are chock full of bones; however, with a little care and know how, one is able to fillet a pike such that there won’t be a bone to be found.

Do muskie bite humans?

That’s when the muskie struck. An aggressive fish with no natural predators other than very large birds and humans, muskies (proper name, muskellunge) can grow to be as long as five feet and weight up to 70 pounds. They have large mouths with needle-like teeth.

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