What Is The Biggest Soccer Tournament In The World?

What is the biggest tournament in soccer?

The 5 Best Soccer Tournaments from Around the World

  • The World Cup. The 2018 World Cup played out in Russia this past summer.
  • The Summer Games. One of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world, the Summer Games tournament is unique in that it features both a men’s and women’s competition.
  • UEFA Champions League.
  • UEFA European Championship.
  • Women’s World Cup.

What is the most prestigious soccer tournament?

Over the next 10 slides we run through the greatest knockout tournaments in world football, assessing each tournament on its global reputation and sporting challenge.

  1. UEFA European Championship.
  2. Copa America.
  3. Copa Libertadores.
  4. UEFA Europa League.
  5. Africa Cup of Nations.
  6. FA Cup.
  7. Confederations Cup. 2 of 10.
  8. Copa del Rey. 1 of 10.

Which Trophy is the highest in the world?

  • #1: Fifa World Cup Trophy : Worth ($20 Million): The best 32 international teams who qualified for the world cup after each four years.
  • #2: Woodlawn Vase Trophy : Worth (£2.5 Million):
  • #3: Borg-Warner Trophy : Worth (£2.5 Million):
  • #4: Stanley Cup Trophy : Worth ($650,000):

Which football tournament has the highest prize money 2018?

Sports competitions with biggest prize money 2018

No Event Total Prize money pool
1 UEFA Champions League Varies- 2016 was $1.3 billion
2 Formula 1 $797.5 million
3 FIFA World Cup $400 million
4 European Championship $245m

6 more rows

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