What is the deepest lake in Colorado?

At 507 surface acres, Grand Lake is Colorado’s largest natural body of water, and with impressive depths that reach down almost 400 feet, it’s also the state’s deepest.

How deep is the deepest lake in Colorado?

Sitting at an elevation of 8369 feet, Grand Lake is the largest and deepest natural lake in the state. The lake is 1.5 miles long and 1 mile at its widest points and reaches a maximum depth of 265 feet. It was formed by glacial moraines and lies along the headwaters of the great Colorado River.

What is the largest and deepest lake in Colorado?

Clearing up Grand Lake, Colorado’s largest and deepest lake.

What is the deepest reservoir in Colorado?

Grand Lake is Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake. It is located in the headwaters of the Colorado River in Grand County, Colorado.

Grand Lake (Colorado)

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Grand Lake
Location Grand County, Colorado
Coordinates 40°14′42″N 105°48′58″WCoordinates: 40°14′42″N 105°48′58″W
Lake type Glacial Lake

What is the clearest lake in Colorado?

Some Of The Cleanest And Clearest Water Can Be Found At Colorado’s Lake Isabelle. Located near Boulder, Lake Isabelle is an alpine lake that is arguably one of the best-kept secrets in Colorado.

Are there any natural lakes in Colorado?

Most of Colorado contains few natural bodies of water, but Grand Mesa is a stunning exception. … On their own, any one of these natural lakes aren’t nearly as large as Grand Lake or the state’s more notable reservoirs, but together they form one of Colorado’s largest and most impressive natural water features.

Does Colorado have a lot of lakes?

Colorado is known for its impressive mountain ranges and year-round sunshine. But this landlocked state has outdoor adventures to offer to water-lovers, too. Colorado has countless lakes and reservoirs throughout the state that are enjoyed year round.

What is the largest man made lake in Colorado?

Largest Lakes and Reservoirs in Colorado

  1. Navajo Reservoir – Arboles (1,708,600 volume; 15,600 acres) …
  2. Blue Mesa Reservoir – Gunnison (829,500 volume; 9,180 acres) …
  3. John Martin Reservoir – Hasty (603,500 volume; 11,650 acres) …
  4. Lake Granby – Granby (539,758 volume; 7,256 acres)

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What is the second largest body of water in Colorado?


Rank Name Inflow
1 Navajo Reservoir San Juan
2 Blue Mesa Reservoir Gunnison River
3 John Martin Reservoir Arkansas River
4 Lake Granby Colorado River

What is the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal, in Siberia, holds the distinction of being both the deepest lake in the world and the largest freshwater lake, holding more than 20% of the unfrozen fresh water on the surface of Earth.

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What is the biggest fish in Colorado?

The Colorado Length Record Fish Program recognizes the longest fish of a particular species that is caught and released by an angler, anywhere throughout the state of Colorado.

Applications can be sent to:

Species Blue Catfish
Length 35
Location Pueblo Reservoir
Angler Ben Tarver

Can you live on a lake in Colorado?

One of the best lakes in Colorado to live on is Lake Granby. Lake Grandby has two sister lakes: Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake.

Are there any dams in Colorado?

The Colorado runs 1,450 mi (2,330 km) from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of California, draining parts of seven U.S. states and two Mexican states. The river system is one of the most heavily developed in the world, with fifteen dams on the main stem of the Colorado and hundreds more on tributaries.

What is the most beautiful lake in Colorado?

1. Grand Lake. Colorado’s largest natural body of water, Grand Lake is a deep blue beauty sitting in a high alpine location of 8,369 feet. The surrounding mountain scenery is equally beautiful.

Can you swim in Colorado lakes?

Grand Lake, located in the Town of Grand Lake, is Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake, with over 60 miles of surface water length. … Grand Lake allows for public swimming and features the town’s boardwalk that takes you all the way to the lake.

Can you swim in Emerald Lake Colorado?

2. Emerald and Dream Lake. … Both Emerald and Dream Lake have clear blue-green waters to swim in, gnarled pines to sit against, and bountiful fields of wildflowers to “ooh” and “ahh” at. Along the hike, there are several rock features worth scrambling up for views of Hallett and Longs Peak .

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