What is the fastest growing suburb in Melbourne?

Melbourne suburb, Cranbourne East is the country’s largest growing and second fastest expanding suburb increasing by a rate of 88 people per week according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Which suburbs will boom in Melbourne?

We asked the experts for their top picks for Melbourne suburbs to see growth in 2021.

  • Melbourne suburbs tipped for growth in 2021: Springvale. …
  • Springvale. …
  • Sunbury. …
  • Footscray. …
  • Watsonia North & Coburg North. …
  • Bentleigh East. …
  • West Footscray. …
  • Dandenong foothills.

18 дек. 2020 г.

Which is the best suburb to live in Melbourne?

The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra.
  • St Kilda.
  • Carlton.
  • Brunswick.
  • Footscray.
  • Fitzroy.
  • Richmond.
  • South Melbourne.

What is the richest suburb in Melbourne?

The richest suburbs in Melbourne

  • 3142 (Hawksburn, Toorak) Average income: $196,816. Population: 10,219. Median property price: $4.3 million. The average income of residents in the 3142 postcode is among Australia’s highest at $196,816. …
  • 3002 (East Melbourne) Average income: $185,437. Population: 3,709. Median property price: undisclosed.
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7 янв. 2021 г.

What is the most dangerous suburb in Melbourne?

The top rank for being the highest at risk for burglary resides in Braybrook, a western suburb just 10 kms from the Melbourne CBD (city).

What is the cheapest suburb in Melbourne?

The data showed that suburbs in Melbourne’s west and north offer buyers the biggest bang for their buck. In the western suburbs, leafy Maidstone, with a median house price of $723,500, offers buyers the most affordable option within 10 kilometres of the CBD.

Is it worth buying an apartment in Melbourne?

The right apartment can provide an incredible lifestyle close to the action, but many locals are hesitant. The truth is buying an apartment in Melbourne isn’t a bad idea, as long as you take care to buy well. Generally speaking, the fewer apartments there are in a development the better.

Where should I not live in Melbourne?

Avoid: Narre Warren, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Frankston (rated highly) , Sunshine, Craigieburn, Noble Park, Doveton, Carrum Downs, Footscray, Sunbury, Tullamarine, St Albans, Epping, Yarra Glen. Main reasons given were: Drugs, Gangs, Violence, Seedy, Crime, Hoons, Bogans, Dull, Boring , Dirty, Alcohol Problems.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Melbourne?

The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Melbourne for Tourists

  1. City Center. …
  2. Docklands. …
  3. Southbank. …
  4. South Melbourne and Albert Park. …
  5. South Yarra. …
  6. St Kilda. …
  7. East Melbourne.

12 сент. 2020 г.

Which suburb has the highest crime rate in Victoria?

In regional Victoria, the areas with the highest crime rates are Hazelwood, Shepparton, Moe, Mildura, Traralgon and Bendigo. Melbourne Airport and Laverton North also have high crime rates, but that’s because these areas have a very low residential population, which distorts the data.

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Is it safe to walk in Melbourne at night?

Visitors should be cautious when walking around the city and avoid the rougher parts of town. While the city is generally safe, there are a few areas where things are more dangerous, particularly at night.

What are the best suburbs in Melbourne for families?

The Best Family Suburbs in Melbourne

  • Doncaster East. Doncaster East is a corner of Melbourne’s north-east known for its safe, leafy streets, making it the perfect location for families. …
  • Coburg. While Coburg is considered inner-city (just 10 kilometres from the CBD), the suburb has a village-like feel. …
  • Altona. …
  • Roxburgh Park. …
  • Macleod. …
  • Kingsville. …
  • Kew.

18 дек. 2020 г.

What is the most expensive house in Melbourne?

More from news

  • 2 Lascelles Avenue, Toorak: more than $14.75m in October.
  • 8 Kilsyth Avenue Toorak: $14.25m in April.
  • 224 Kooyong Road, Toorak: about $14m in October.
  • 3 Nola Court, Toorak: $13.7m in October.
  • 3808 Point Nepean Road, Portsea: $13.48m in March.
  • 2601A/250 Spencer Street, Melbourne: $12.6m in June.

19 дек. 2020 г.

What are the bad areas of Melbourne?

10 of the most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne

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Where do celebrities live in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s most powerful streets home to rich listers and celebrities — and their multimillion-dollar mansions — have been unveiled. Buyers really know they’ve made it when they secure a piece of Toorak’s Albany and St Georges Roads, where properties carry eye-watering price tags of up to $80m.

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What is the biggest suburb in Melbourne?

If you take a strict definition of ‘Greater Melbourne’, as defined by the ABS in its Greater Capital City Statistical Areas, then Wesburn comes out as the largest suburb with an area of 26,640 ha (266.40 km2).

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