What Is The Second Biggest Youtube Channel?

Most-subscribed channels

Rank Channel Network
1 T-Series T-Series
2 PewDiePie N/A
3 5-Minute Crafts Channel Frederator
4 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes Fullscreen

47 more rows

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2019?

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of January 2019

  • Ed Sheeran. 36.8m subscribers.
  • DudePerfect. 38.7m subscribers.
  • WWE. 39.2m subscribers.
  • Justin Bieber. 43.1m subscribers.
  • Konrad Cunha Dantas. 46.1m subscribers.
  • 5-Minute Crafts. 48.1m subscribers.
  • T-Series. 87.1m subscribers.
  • PewDiePie. 83.4m subscribers.

What is the biggest channel on YouTube?

The 10 Biggest YouTube Channels Right Now

  1. VanossGaming. Subscribers: 24.28 million.
  2. VEGETTA777. Subscribers: 26 million.
  3. Felipe Neto. Subscribers: 31.04 million.
  4. Fernanfloo. Subscribers: 32.35 million.
  5. JuegaGerman. Subscribers: 33.71 million.
  6. elrubiusOMG. Subscribers: 33.98 million.
  7. whinderssonnunes. Subscribers: 34.94 million.
  8. HolaSoyGerman. Subscribers: 38.35 million.

How many YouTube channels are there?

The Biggest YouTube Channels in the World. As of 2019, there are around 8.000 YouTube channels out there having more than 1 million subscribers.

Which YouTuber makes the most money 2018?

These are the Highest Paid YouTubers of 2018!

  • Logan Paul – $14.5 Million.
  • PewDiePie – $15.5 Million.
  • Jacksepticeye – $16 Million.
  • Vanoss Gaming – $17 Million.
  • Markiplier – $17.5 MIllion.
  • Jeffree Star – $18 Million.
  • DanDTM – $18.5 Million.
  • Dude Perfect – $20 Million.

Who has the least subscribers on YouTube 2019?

Most popular YouTube channels as of April 2019, ranked by number of subscribers (in millions)

Number of subscribers in millions
T-Series 95.41
PewDiePie 94.71
5-Minute Crafts 54.19
Canal KondZilla 48.73
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6 more rows

Who is the richest YouTuber?

From controversial brothers to a toy-loving 7-year-old boy, here is the list of highest-paid YouTubers, according to Forbes.

  1. Logan Paul – $14.5 million.
  2. PewDiePie – $15.5 million.
  3. Jacksepticeye – $16 million.
  4. VanossGaming – $17 million.
  5. Markiplier – $17.5 million.
  6. Jeffree Star – $18 million.
  7. DanTDM – $18.5 million.

What is the fastest growing YouTube channel?

Currently, the fastest growing youtube channel is T-Series. T-Series is believed to surpass the most subscribed channel (pewdiepie) within a few years. Of all time, Pewdiepie has the most subscribers by far.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid by YouTube?

When you reach 10,000 subscribers, you can expect $100 – $300 per sponsorship, you can expect $100+ from YouTube Ads (it depends on the number of views, length, country, currency, etc.). It’s really hard to reach your first 100 and your first 1,000 subscribers.

Who has the most YouTube subscribers 2019?

The most subscribed YouTube channels in 2019

  • 5: SET India (45.1 million subscribers)
  • 4: Canal KondZilla (48.2 million subscribers)
  • 3: 5-Minute Crafts (53 million subscribers)
  • T-Series (92.6 million subscribers)
  • PewDiePie (93 million subscribers)

Who makes the most money on YouTube?

  1. Ryan ToysReview — $22 million. YouTube.
  2. Jake Paul — $21.5 million. Richard Shotwell/Invision/Associated Press.
  3. Dude Perfect — $20 million. YouTube/Dude Perfect.
  4. DanTDM — $18.5 million. YouTube.
  5. Jeffree Star — $18 million. YouTube.
  6. Markiplier — $17.5 million.
  7. VanossGaming — $17 million.
  8. Jacksepticeye — $16 million.

Does YouTube make a profit?

But is YouTube profitable? Google has never said. BofA predicted YouTube’s revenue will hit $13 billion in 2017.” “Alphabet doesn’t disclose how much money YouTube is making, but RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney estimates YouTube’s annual revenue has reached $10 billion and is increasing by as much as 40% a year.

How many YouTube channels can you have?

With one single Google+ account you can run up to 50 YouTube channels. There are totally 50 Channels in a single account.

Who is the richest female YouTuber?

Here’s a list of the richest YouTubers in 2018

  • Dude Perfect – USD$14m.
  • Logan Paul – USD$12.5m.
  • Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – USD$12.5m.
  • Felix Kjelberg (Pewdiepie) – USD$12m.
  • Jake Paul – USD$11.5m.
  • Ryan Toysreview – USD$11m.
  • Smosh – USD$11m.
  • Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) – USD$10.5m. As the only woman on the list – Lilly Singh is one of our favourite YouTubers of all time.

How much do YouTubers make with 1 million subscribers?

Lets assume the average CPM for a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers is around $4 dollars. YouTube takes a 45% cut and sometimes the YouTuber also has Multi Channel Network representing who also takes around 45%. So the You Tuber, who gets on average 600k+ views a week, will end up with around $1-3k a week from CPMs.

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Who is the richest YouTuber 2019?

Top 10 Richest YouTubers in 2019

  1. Dude Perfect.
  2. Mark Edward Fischbach (YouTube Channel: Markiplier)
  3. Logan Paul.
  4. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (YouTube Channel: PewDiePie)
  5. Jake Paul.
  6. Ryan ToysReview.
  7. Smosh.
  8. Lilly Singh (YouTube Channel: IISuperwomanII)

How much subscribers does PewDiePie have 2019?

PewDiePie’s channel had the most subscribers from 2013 until 22 February 2019, when he was finally surpassed by T-Series, although PewDiePie took back the top spot shortly after approximately 8 minutes. He has over 95 million subscribers, 21.3 billion views, and 3.8 thousand uploaded videos as of 6 May 2019.

What YouTube video has the most views?

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi (left) featuring Daddy Yankee (right) is the most-viewed video on YouTube, with over 6.1 billion views as of May 2019.

How much PewDiePie makes a year?

So what an average of 180 million views per month and earnings of $7.50 per 1,000 views, we can then use this formula to calculate his average monthly earnings and more. Using the above formula, we can come to the conclusion the PewDiePie earns close to 1 million dollars per month give or take.

How do YouTubers get rich?

To earn directly through YouTube, you must partner with the site. Once you do, there are several ways to cash in, but to become a partner you must meet the requirements: Your videos must abide by the site’s advertising guidelines, and you need at least 10,000 channel views.

How do YouTubers get paid?

Google keeps 45 percent of what is made, so a YouTuber would make (on average) $9.90 per 1,000 views. As you begin making money, you create an account through AdSense so the advertisers can pay you as views or clicks come in. More people watching means more of a chance people will watch the ads or click on them.

Who is the richest YouTuber 2017?

  • 1 Daniel Middleton $16.5m (£12.3m) DanTDM used to be called The Diamond Minecart.
  • 2 Evan Fong (VanossGaming) – $15.5m (£11.6m)
  • 3 Dude Perfect – $14m (£10.5m)
  • 4 Markiplier – $12.5m (£9.3m)
  • 4 Logan Paul – $12.5m (£9.3m)
  • 6 PewDiePie – $12m (£9m)
  • 7 Jake Paul – $11.5m (£8.6m)
  • 8 Ryan ToysReview – $11m (£8.2m)

Who is the most famous YouTuber?

These are the biggest YouTube celebrities you might never have known existed.

  1. PewDiePie. Subscribers: 64,822,659.
  2. HolaSoyGerman. Subscribers: 34,248,520.
  3. Whinderssonnunes. Subscribers: 30,718,082.
  4. ElrubiusOMG. Subscribers: 30,405,922.
  5. Fernanfloo. Subscribers: 28,864,537.
  6. JuegaGerman.
  7. Felipe Neto.
  8. VanossGaming.

Which Indian YouTuber has most subscribers?

Here is the list of the top 10 most subscribed individual Indian YouTube channels:

  • Amit Bhadana – 10.5 million.
  • BB Ki Vines – 10.4 million.
  • Technical Guruji – 8.9 million.
  • Ashish Chanchlani Vines – 7.4 million.
  • Sandeep Maheshwari – 7.1 million.
  • TsMadaan – 5.9 million.
  • FactTechz – 5.7 million.
  • Dr. Vivek Bindra – 4.7 million.
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When did PewDiePie get 10 million subscribers?

PewDiePie becomes first YouTuber ever to hit 50 million subscribers. In July 2013, Felix Kjellberg – better known by his username, PewDiePie – made history by becoming the first channel to reach 10 million subscribers.

Can you have 2 YouTube channels one account?

Essentially, to have multiple channels on a YouTube account, you need to have a corresponding Google Plus page. So, inside of YouTube, simply hit the new “Switch Accounts” link, and then click to show “All My Channels”. On the page that comes up, there will be a “Create New Channel” button.

Can I have two YouTube channels with AdSense?

Yes, you are allowed to monetize multiple youtube channels. You only get one AdSense account. Remember that channels have to be ‘invited’ or approved for partnership (though YouTube Partner program) to monetized though AdSence. Under ‘monetization settings’ on your youtube channel you can change/add AdSense accounts.

Can one email have multiple YouTube channels?

In the past, you would create a separate YouTube account for each audience, and that method still works. To do it, just create a new Gmail account for every YouTube channel you want to create. Another way to get multiple YouTube channels is to click the new channel option from your existing account.

What is the record for most views in 24 hours on YouTube?

Halsey’ Official MV, which achieved 74,600,000 views from 12 to 13 April 2019. The music video to (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey has subsequently taken the records for Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours and Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group.

What YouTube video has the most views in 24 hours?

BTS and Halsey’s recent video for “Boy With Luv” has set a new record for YouTube’s most-streamed video in the first 24 hours of its release.

How much did Despacito make on YouTube?

Then came to your question, Yes Luis earn million dollars from his song DESPACITO. Generally youtube gives $7.60 dollar per 1000 views (2013 record). And then YouTube takes 45 percent of net amount from the creator. Afterall youtube gives $1100 for every million views.

Photo in the article by “Flickr” https://www.flickr.com/photos/vinayaketx/44819964921

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