Which country has the smallest Spanish speaking population?

The smallest country is Equatorial Guinea with around 740,000 (2013).

What is the smallest Spanish speaking country in America?

Uruguay is the smallest Spanish speaking country in South America? … Margarita Island belongs to Venezuela? …

What is the prettiest Spanish speaking country?

Here are some of the best Spanish speaking countries to visit.

  1. Costa Rica. Latin America’s most popular travel destination, Costa Rica earns its place at the top of the list thanks to its incredible diversity of attractions.
  2. Mexico. …
  3. Peru. …
  4. Argentina. …
  5. Colombia. …
  6. Venezuela. …
  7. Dominican Republic. …
  8. Chile. …

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Which country has the largest Spanish speaking population?

Countries with the largest number of native Spanish speakers worldwide as of 2019 (in millions)

Number of speakers in millions
Mexico 121.9
Colombia 49.44
Argentina 44.08
Spain 42.92

What is the smallest Spanish speaking island?

Spanish-speaking Countries

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Mexico South of the USA
Argentina Biggest of the Hispanic Countries
Cuba Biggest Spanish-speaking island
Puerto Rico Smallest Spanish-speaking island

Which Latin American country speaks the best Spanish?


Tied with Mexico for the purest Spanish in Latin America, Colombia is an obvious choice for the best Spanish speaking country for language study.

Is Argentina the coldest Spanish speaking country?

Argentina is almost as cold & southern reaching as Chile but has jungle in the north. Mexico has both snowy mountains & jungle. … Peru & Bolivia has both snowy mountains & jungle. Chile & Argentina are both just as cold & super close to Antarctica.

What is the safest Spanish speaking country?

10 Safest Countries In Latin America For Travelers

  • The Amazon.
  • Peru.
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Panama.
  • Chile.
  • Argentina.
  • Uruguay.

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Which country speaks worst English?

2020 rankings

2020 Rank Country 2020 Proficiency Band
97 Saudi Arabia Very Low Proficiency
98 Oman Very Low Proficiency
99 Iraq Very Low Proficiency
100 Tajikistan Very Low Proficiency

Who has the worst Spanish?

Dominican Republic is the Worst Place to Study Spanish on Planet Earth. I would like to nominate the Dominican Republic as having the worst form of spoken Spanish on planet earth, it really is a separate language.

What percent of Spain speaks Spanish?

Nearly 94 percent of the population in Spain speak Spanish, but only about 82 percent call it their mother tongue.

What is the biggest Spanish speaking city?

The largest Spanish speaking city in the world is the city of Mexico, one of the most important financial centers in the Americas. Approximately 21.2 million people live there.

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What is the only Spanish speaking country in North America?

Spanish Vocabulary

Country País (en español)
North America Mexico México
Central America Costa Rica Costa Rica
El Salvador El Salvador
Guatemala Guatemala

Which country speaks Spanish as their official language?

Spanish is the official or national language** in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

What are the 22 countries that speak Spanish?

The 22 Spanish Speaking Countries of the World

  • Argentina.
  • Bolivia.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Cuba.
  • Ecuador.
  • El Salvador.

Which countries use Spanish language?

Here is the official list :

  • Argentina.
  • Bolivia.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Cuba.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Ecuador.
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