Which Country Is Largest Producer Of Cotton?

Where Does the World’s Cotton Come From?

  • China. With around 100,000 farmers cultivating cotton, China is the biggest cotton producing country.
  • India. India is the second largest producer of cotton.
  • United States.

Who is largest producer of cotton?


Which country is the largest producer of tea?

The World’s Top 10 Tea Producing Nations

  1. 9 – Myanmar (104,743)
  2. 7 – Indonesia (139,362 tonnes)
  3. 6 – Turkey (234,000 tonnes)
  4. 5 – Vietnam (260,000 tonnes)
  5. 4 – Sri Lanka (349,699 tonnes)
  6. 3 – Kenya (439,857 tonnes)
  7. 2 – India (1,325,050 tonnes)
  8. 1 – China (2,473,443 tonnes)

Where is the most cotton produced?

Cotton Cotton grows in warm climates and most of the world’s cotton is grown in the U.S., Uzbekistan, the People’s Republic of China and India. Other leading cotton-growing countries are Brazil, Pakistan and Turkey.

What country produces the most fabric?


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Which is the highest cotton producing state of India?

Cotton is produced in more than 12 states in India and among all states, Gujarat is the largest cotton producing state in India with a production of 125 Lakh Bales.

The main top cotton producing states are:

  • Punjab.
  • Gujarat.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Madhya Pradesh.
  • Karnataka.
  • Haryana.
  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Rajasthan.

Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?


Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world?


Which country is the largest producer of rice?


Which country has the best cotton?

Countries with Highest Production of Cotton and Reasons for Higher Production

  1. China. With around 100,000 farmers cultivating cotton, China is the biggest cotton producing country.
  2. India. India is the second largest producer of cotton.
  3. United States.

What states is it illegal to grow cotton?

Cotton is grown in 17 states stretching across the southern half of the United States: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Why is it illegal to grow cotton in some states?

It’s almost as the the seeds were covered with glue and pushed into the cotton. Growing cotton at home is not legal in all states. Growing cotton in your garden is illegal in the states that consider it a cash crop. This is due to the Boll Weevil Eradication Program.

Does China produce cotton?

Cotton production in China pertains to cotton which is the prime cash crop of China. Twenty-four of the 35 provinces of China grow cotton with nearly 300 million people involved in its production.

Where is the highest number of cotton mills in India?

Which Indian state has the largest number of cotton textile mills

  • a. Madhya Pradesh.
  • Gujarat.
  • Maharashtra.
  • West Bengal.

What is the rank of India in cotton production?

The top cotton producing countries include China, India and the United States respectively. Within the United States, the Southern states traditionally harvest the largest quantities of cotton.

Which state is largest producer of copper in India?

  1. Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh has become the largest producer of copper in India surpassing Karnataka, Rajasthan and Jharkhand in succession.
  2. Rajasthan:
  3. Jharkhand:
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Which country has the purest gold?

The top 10 gold producing countries

  • The gold production accounts for more than 90% of the total mineral output in Ghana.
  • China is the largest gold producing country in the world.
  • The majority of the gold mines in Australia are located in Western Australia.
  • Nevada is the top gold producing state in the US.

Which country has best gold in the world?

Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

  1. Russia – 270.7 tonnes.
  2. United States – 230.0 tonnes.
  3. Canada – 175.8 tonnes.
  4. Peru – 162.3 tonnes.
  5. Indonesia – 154.3 tonnes.
  6. South Africa – 139.9 tonnes.
  7. Mexico – 130.5 tonnes.
  8. Ghana – 101.7 tonnes. Ghana is Africa’s second largest producer of gold and is also known for its reserves of various industrial minerals.

Which country is the largest producer of coffee in the world?


Which country is the largest producer of vegetables in the world?

In that year, China was the leading producer with a production volume of nearly 554 million metric tons, followed by India with approximately 127 million metric tons of fresh vegetables. Maize was the leading vegetable based on global production volume in that year.

Which is the 10 largest country in the world?

When all 10 of the world’s largest countries are taken together, they total 49% of the earth’s entire 149 million square kilometres of land.

  • 7 – India.
  • 6 – Australia.
  • 5 – Brazil.
  • 4 – People’s Republic of China.
  • 3 – United States of America.
  • 2 – Canada.
  • 1 – Russia.
  • 50 Largest Countries in the World By Area. Rank.

Which country is the largest producer of rice in 2018?

Leading countries based on the production of milled rice in 2017/2018 (in 1,000 metric tons)*

Production in thousand metric tons
China 144.99
India 112.91
Indonesia 37
Bangladesh 32.65

6 more rows

How long does a cotton plant live?

Cotton plants have a general time frame in which they grow and produce after planting (introducing the seed to moist soil). With ideal conditions, the planted cotton seed will germinate (to begin to grow) or sprout and emerge in about five to ten days.

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Can I grow cotton in my backyard?

Cotton is a perennial plant but mostly grown as an annual as it cannot withstand frost. After all danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures have warmed up to 60 degrees, its time to plant cotton seeds. 4. Plant cotton seeds in moist soil, in groups of three seeds, 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart.

What state grows the most cotton?

Top 10 Cotton States in Production / Total Number of Bales in 2012

  1. Texas 6,725.
  2. Georgia 2,400.
  3. Arkansas 1,200.
  4. California 1,145.
  5. Mississippi 1,100.
  6. North Carolina 950.
  7. Missouri 675.
  8. Arizona 658.

Can I grow cotton?

Cotton is a perennial plant but mostly grown as an annual as it cannot withstand frost. Cotton needs a lot of sunshine, warm conditions and 4-5 months of frost-free temperatures to mature and produce cotton. Not all regions are lucky to have long warm summers, however cotton can be grown indoors too.

Does California grow cotton?

California. California’s cotton is mostly grown in seven counties within the San Joaquin Valley, though Imperial Valley and Palo Verde Valley also have acres planted. In the 1990s cotton was also planted in the Sacramento Valley. California is the largest producer of Pima cotton in the United States.

Does the United States still grow cotton?

M any Americans now wonder, does American still grow cotton? The simple answer is yes. Cotton requires a warm climate to grow and the reason for its production to be located in the southern states of America. The major cotton producing states include Texas, California, Arizona, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Photo in the article by “USDA” https://www.usda.gov/media/blog/archive/category/conservation?page=42

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