Quick Answer: Which District Has Highest Number Of Taluks In Karnataka?

Which district has more taluks in Karnataka?

Dharwad is a district, with Dharwad as the headquarters, is in the state of Karnataka with 5 Taluks , namely, – Dharwad, Hubli, Kalghatgi, Kundgol and Navalgund.

Which is the largest district in Karnataka?


How many districts are there in Karnataka 2018?

30 districts

How many taluks in Karnataka name them?

Karnataka has about 227 taluks only talukas. The table below lists all the talukas in the state of Karnataka, India, by district.

How many districts are in Karnataka state?

List of districts in Karnataka. The Indian State of Karnataka is divided into 30 districts and 4 administrative divisions.

Which is smallest district in Karnataka?


How many Hoblis are there in Karnataka?

Karnataka State has been divided into four Revenue divisions, 49 sub-divisions, 27 districts, 175 taluks and 745 hoblies/Revenue Circles for administrative purposes. The State has 27,028 inhabited and 2,362 uninhabited villages, 281 towns and urban agglomerations.

Which district has highest population in Karnataka?

Karnataka and Disticts population 2011

State/District Male
01 BELGAUM 24,27,104
02 BAGALKOT 9,52,902
03 BIJAPUR 11,12,953
04 BIDAR 8,70,850

27 more rows

Which is the largest Taluk in Karnataka?

Kollegal is one of the major taluks in the Chamrajnagar District of Karnataka State in the south of India. It is also the largest taluk in Karnataka, Kollegal is well known for its silk industry which attracts traders from all over the state.

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Photo in the article by “Wikipedia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Highway_87_(Karnataka)

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